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Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I sell?

Depending on the supplier, US Direct hand picks roughly 70-90% of the products supplier’s catalog to make available through the US Direct catalog. We have learned over the years that there are certain types of products that can cause issues when reselling them online and have filtered them from our catalog. Here are some general guidelines of products we do our best to filter out.


  • Products that are typically not approved by a standard payment processor such as firearms, ammunition, supplements, pseudo drugs, etc.
  • Unprofitable products due to weight and shipping costs typically weighing over 10 lbs.
  • Products that have a high risk of fraud due to price and/or category.


View all products in our Supplier Directory!

Can I sell on marketplaces?

Yes, you may purchase a direct integration with a marketplace such as (Amazon, eBay and/or Walmart). Please be sure to read our Marketplace Integration Disclaimer to understand our policy on this type of integration.

How do I get products on my website?

Once you have purchased a Full Automation Plan through Inventory Source, you have access to automation tools that will auto-upload products and sync inventory directly to your online store. Learn more about Inventory Source’s tools.

How does ordering work?

Once you have received an order for a product you are dropshipping from US Direct, it will automatically flow through your Inventory Source Order Manager and appear in your Dealer Portal if you are on a Full Automation Plan. Before we are able to capture payment, you must authorize the order for payment, which permits us to charge your payment method. If you are on an Inventory Automation Plan, you will place the order manually within your US Direct Dealer Portal.


Once we capture payment for the item, US Direct will fulfill it on your behalf from one of our supplier partners. The supplier will ship it directly to your customer with a packing slip that is often generic or discreetly labeled “US Direct”, and the tracking will automatically be updated to your online store. If you are on an Inventory Automation Plan, you will need to manually update tracking on your sales channel once the order has been fulfilled.

Do I need a business license to sell?

After you sign up for US Direct, you will be asked to provide your EIN/Tax ID as well as a resale certificate in your state of business.

Where do the products come from?

US Direct’s 200,000+ dropship products come from top US-based wholesale suppliers including UNFI (Honest Green), Bradley Caldwell, Sportsman’s Supply, Williams Trading, Synnex, CWR Electronics and more!

Does US Direct ship internationally?

No. We only ship within the USA (lower 48 only). You can learn more about our shipping costs and policies here.

How does US Direct relate to Inventory Source?

Inventory Source is simply the funnel through which US Direct works. US Direct is integrated to your store like any other supplier within the Inventory Source Supplier Directory, and you utilize Inventory Source’s Catalog Manager tools in order to customize your product feed.

If I have two niches stores do I need two accounts in the dealer portal?

No. You can have two niche store integrations sending orders to the same dealer portal.

Where can I review your policies?

You can review US Direct’s policies by clicking here or using the individual links below:


I have more questions, how do I contact you?

You can contact US Direct with further questions by emailing us at [email protected] or visiting our contact page.