Step 1: Purchase an Inventory Source Integration

Here is how to get started selling US Direct products through our Inventory Source integration:

  1. Create a free Inventory Source account here.
  2. Search “US Direct” in Inventory Source’s Supplier Directory to browse niche products and prices.
  3. Select “Add an Integration” and start the process by selecting your online store platform.
  4. Complete the steps to select an integration plan and checkout.
  5. Follow the instructions on the “Pending Integrations” page to get started uploading products to your website.
Create an Account Today

Interested in a US Direct Turn-Key Shopify store?

Our Turn-Key Shopify Stores come pre-loaded with dropship ready products, inventory/order auto-sync, a premium Shopify theme, and a mobile/tablet friendly experience.

Step 2: Select a US Direct Membership Plan

By being an Inventory Source customer, you can use US Direct for free. However, we have multiple pricing plans offering reduced order fees, lower shipping costs and added services for those using our Inventory Source integration.



Amazon Allowed (Until 2021)

Standard Shipping Cost

$2 Order Fee

Pay for Returns

Email Support

3 Month Plan


Amazon Allowed (Until 2021)

Standard Shipping Cost

$1.50 Order Fee

Pay for Returns

Email Support


6 Month Plan


Amazon Allowed

Standard Shipping Cost

$1 Order Fee

Free Return Labels*

Email/Phone Support

12 Month Plan


Amazon Allowed

$1 Off 1+ lb Shipping

$0.50 Order Fee

Free Return Labels*

Email/Phone Support

*Please read our Return Policy for full terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

For step-by-step directions on how to get started with US Direct, click here!

Why did you introduce pricing plans?

This was a big step in laying down the foundation to help our dealers grow and provide additional services that will give our dealers a competitive advantage in the market.

Do the pricing plans include Inventory Source Full Automation in the price?

No. The plans listed above are separate from your Inventory Source plan. These plans provide you the option to reduce your order fees, assist with returns and increase the level of support regarding your US Direct products

Will my plan benefits be applied to all of my US Direct integrations?

Yes. Your membership plan benefits will automatically be applied to all of your US Direct integrations.

What is the difference between a Turn-Key Store and Inventory Source?

Inventory Source easily connects and automatically syncs US Direct’s product catalog into an existing online store. You will need to manually curate your store’s catalog with the products of your choosing to push to your store.


The Turn-Key Shopify Stores allows those who don’t already have an existing online store to purchase one to have setup for you based on the product niche you would like to sell. The Turn-Key Stores do utilize Inventory Source to automatically sync the product data and route orders to US Direct, but the difference is you will have a pre-built store that comes pre-loaded with the products and theme.

Have any pricing questions?

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