Join the US Direct supplier program.

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Why join US Direct as a supplier?

Drive New Sales

Gain exposure to our large network of resellers.

No Dealer Apps

You don't have to manage new dealer applications.

Gain a New Partner

We buy via dropship and wholesale.

Customer Service

We take care of the customer service for you.

Enforce MAP

Our technology ensures MAP compliance.

No Tech Headaches

We manage integrations with the dealer.

Manage Marketplaces

Restrict sales by SKU, category and/or brand.

Managing Returns

We take care of returns and refunds for you.

How US Direct Benefits Your Resellers

Profitable Products

Our business model is not focused on sales margins, so we are able to keep markups to a minimum and ensure profitable products for our resellers.

Easily Connect

We make it easy to connect to 25+ ecommmerce platforms to upload products and sync inventory, orders and tracking for your resellers.

Returns Management

We manage returns and refunds for resellers across multiple suppliers and in some plan, offer free return labels.

Flat-Rate Shipping Costs

We take on the risk of variable shipping costs and offer flat-rate shipping so resellers can calculate predictable costs.

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