Return & Refund Policy

At US Direct, we work with our dropship supplier partners to issue returns and refunds per their policies. We work hard to provide a quick resolution to each and every claim. We strive to ensure all our dealers are informed by keeping you updated with any new information we receive about your claim.

Credits & Refunds

Please note that for all impacted orders, US Direct will by default issue a credit on your account unless otherwise requested. All order credits are only eligible for refund within 30 days from the credit date.

If you would like US Direct to process an RMA claim/return for an order, you must first fill out an RMA form.

Submit RMA Form

Before submitting an RMA form, please be sure to review our return policies below:

  1. An RMA/return claims can only be made for orders up to 30 days past the day the order was delivered. This goes along with the policies set by our dropship supplier partners.
  2. Once the claim has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from our team. This will also signify that the request has been sent to the supplier for review.
  3. You can typically expect an update on the status of your claim within 3-4 business days of them receiving the request. During this time, if your order is eligible for a free return label, you will receive an attachment with the label. There may be instances where this is delayed or we request additional information.
  4. We expect a resolution for each claim within 15 days of being sent to the supplier. If the supplier does not provide a response to the claim after numerous attempts of communication during that time frame, the claim will be closed.
  5. Once the process of reviewing an RMA claim is completed and the supplier approves the return, you will have 7 business days to send the package back to the supplier for a credit.
  6. For return packages, you will receive an email with the supplier’s return address along with the RMA # to reference. Please be sure that it is visible on the box. You will also need to provide your own return label.
  7. Please be sure to provide us with the tracking number when returning a package. This will be the only evidence sufficient in proving the delivery of the returned package.
  8. Credit will be applied to your account within US Direct’s Dealer Portal once the supplier has approved the RMA for credit and confirmed they received the package.

Please also note that a 15% restocking fee is required for all buyer remorse and ASIN mismatch related issues. We are making headway in mapping more UPCs > ASINs everyday, but it is your responsibility to ensure UPCs are mapping to the appropriate ASIN listing.

Special notes about our return policy:

  1. Supplier’s are no longer accepting buyer’s remorse returns due to the misuse on major sales channels such as Amazon
  2. A return request will only be approved if there was an issue with the item (damaged, defective, mis-shipped item, etc.)
  3. Returns will no longer be accepted due to buyer’s remorse or the customer no longer wanting the product
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