How to Explore Ecommerce Trends & Find a Niche to Sell Online

It can be overwhelming when thinking about all the different product niches that are possible to sell in when starting an online store. With the ever increasing trend towards ecommerce over the years, it has opened the door to millions of products now being available online. So, how is one to find what product niche to sell in?

Explore Ecommerce Trends

One of the most proven ways to find your product niche in order to become profitable selling online is to research growing ecommerce trends. There are numerous resources available out there to help you do just that, which I will include below. Discovering an early trend in products not only increases your sales, but it also increases your SEO for that particular trending product.

Google Trends:
Google Trends it the most favored tool when researching online trends. Below you can see where I entered the term “detox coffee” as a product niche, and you will be able to see how the interest increases over time. You will also be able to see the locations of the people who are searching for this term more than anywhere else. Additionally, you can search and view trends by region as well as other related terms the people in those regions are searching for.

Trend Hunter:
Trend Hunter is a really neat website that allows you to browse the latest product trends and viral ideas from the internet in one place. You are able to filter by different categories of products and trends such as fashion, tech, lifestyle, eco and more to gain insight into what consumers are searching for and buying.

Follow Your Passion

So you’ve researched different online trends, and that is great. But, in order to build a successful and sustainable online business, you need to be passionate about what you are selling. Without being passionate about your products, you will not be able to stay motivated to be in it for the long haul. Building an online business from the ground up is not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work. By loving what you sell and being knowledgeable about your products, you have a larger chance of being successful.

Consumers are also more likely to buy products having to do with their own passions, so try to find the common ground and target those consumers with your marketing ads to get them to your online store to help make you profitable.

Our Best Selling Product Niches

We have found that the following are our best selling product niches. We also provide the ability to purchase a turn-key Shopify storewith these products automatically pre-loaded.

Beauty & Fragrance
The Beauty & Fragrance niche has been a top performing online retail category for over a decade. Our Turn-Key Shopify store includes favorite designer perfumes and colognes, such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Dior, Chanel and more!

Adult Products
With many people’s unwillingness to purchase these kinds of products in brick and mortar locations, the Adult Products dropshipping niche is a great industry to get into. Compared to other niches, this product category has less competition as well.

Pet Supplies
The Pet Supplies product niche is one of the most popular ways of starting an online store. Although popular, there are new buyers consistently searching online for the best products for their pets. Set your store apart with top brands and quick shipping!

Green Grocery
The Green Grocery product niche is one of the most popular and has best-selling products. The product range varies with eco-friendly grocery products encompassing different categories such as baking, coffee, oils, nuts, pasta and more!

Camping & Outdoors
With less competition from brick and mortars, the Camping & Outdoors dropshipping product niche is a great choice for those starting an online store. With brand loyal and sport enthusiast buyers, you can utilize our top brands to win them over.

Browse all of our niches here.

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